About gudereit-uk

In 2019 after 70 years of manufacturing hand-built, high-quality bikes in Bielefeld, Gudereit, in conjunction with  Harrop & Associates (De) Ltd, established gudereit-uk to expand into the UK market. Harrop & Associates (De) Ltd are based in Devon with offices in Manchester and Muenster, Germany.

We specialize in hybrid Ebikes orientated to riding comfort and exceptional quality, performance and affordability, as we say, "Engineered in Germany …. Made for the UK".

Our motto is "Tradition and Innovation", hence our world's first  EC-40, an award-winning Bosch 500 Powertube folding Ebike with Gates belt drive, Active Line + motor and Shimano Alfine gears; it has all the convenience of a folding bike while still being a no-compromise E-bike.

One unique feature of gudereit-uk is that when Ebikes are being stolen, we offer a free registration service. All our bikes have a frame number stamped into them, and the lock and battery key have specific serial numbers. Because we have imported all Gudereit bikes into the UK, if a Gudereit is stolen and advertised on the internet, the client or police can easily see if it has been stolen and enable its lawful recovery. 



Direct from the factory 

Our bikes come direct to the factory to our UK facility for pick up or delivery to your stores.


Phone: 01626 871088 or Email: bikes@gudereit-uk.com

Main office : Shaldon , Devon , TQ14 0HW      Northern office  : Stockport , SK12 2JN

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