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Quality and innovation

“Qualität ist unsere non plus Ultra”*

Founded in 1949 our company is still now in the third generation of the family and on the same site in Bielefeld Germany .At Gudereit, we value the use of high-quality components and excellent workmanship - quality you can feel with every single bike. We realize these high expectations through our team of experienced engineers, our first-class partners and the in-house assembly.

From the initial development to the finished bike , we define all the decisive steps in the manufacturing process. 

Quality awareness that pays off as well as the ambition to always go new ways , to constantly develop ourselves and our bikes.

The wishes of our customers drive us.  Therefore, we develop our collections with the highest standards of technical performance, trend-conscious design and outstanding comfort. Quality that can be felt in every bike.  We can only realize these high expectations through our team of experienced engineers.  They drive the development forward and ensure that Gudereit bikes always offer the best performance.

With first-class , market leading component partners and our hand built assembly in Bielefeld, we define all decisive steps in the production process, from the development to the finished wheel.

Because quality is at the forefront of our concept , to guarantee the quality of the paintwork , in 2016 we built our own paint-spray facility .                                                                                                                                        

All the crucial frame joints are first hand sprayed , to ensure no flaws , before it goes into the spray shop and our own drying furnace.

To ensure your bike is fit for delivery , all bikes are hand checked by one of 4 quality controllers , to ensure the perfect bike for our customers .

Gudereit-UK supports  our selected retailers , whether through advice, the presentation of our collection or through our online portal for finding a dealer near to you .

*Quality is our ultimate goal

The fact that we are on the right path with this concept is confirmed by the top marks that we receive repeatedly from many renowned and independent reviews.